[Update] New features of FishyStory, and new client!

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[Update] New features of FishyStory, and new client!

Post  Matt on Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:44 pm

As i said on my other post, here's the new features list of the current version of FishyStory:

-Sex Change NPC (9201035- Jacob (Amoria : Amoria)
-Inventory slots can hold 110 instead of 100
-Dragon Evolution - Mar the Fairy
-Mini Wedding v2
-Nx Hack (AutoBan)
-Duey is PVP warper
-Fixed Hamstring
-Duplicating Stars Fix
-Auto Register + Auto Login (might be disabled later on)
-Added Pet walk ways
-Added @pvp5 (tells you the top 5 players of pvp)
-Added a Better Spindel
-Added @helpwith command
-Auto Congrats notice when you hit level 200
-LMPQ (I will fix it more and make it better later)
-New command: @leavepvp
-Mittens now throws arrorws
-Meso Magnet and Item Pouch Work
-Wing Boots + Binoculars
-You can't pick up other peoples items in the chrismas tree area.
-Pets save after logging out and they spawn when you relog/cc
-Fixed Triple Throw and lucky seven
-Auto Hp and Mp for pets (with commands to set hp and mp)
-Updated jail and added a funny npc
-Disabled heal in pvp map and fixed some pvp bugs and added higher rate dmg for pvp
-Added a bit of multi pet function
-and more that i forgot! :--:

You can download the new client on the Homepage, http://fishy.bounceme.net/ ~
Have Fun ^^


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